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Does this mean I'm a Chelsea Designer?!

I spent a fantastic weekend behind the scenes at the Chelsea Flower Show helping Bowden Hostas 'take the Chelsea Flower Show by storm with a sensational display' at the Monument Site in the centre of the pavilion.

It was amazing to get some hands on experience of building a garden at the greatest Garden Show on earth!

I started off planting up the living wall at one end of the exhibit where I learned the first secret of Chelsea - moss, moss and more moss. It hides a multitude of sins from visitors eyes!

We were short on time, and so once I'd proved myself with that, I was given a little patch of garden to myself. I was presented with a trolley of plants and told to 'create something beautiful'! My little patch was the 'Victorian Cottage Garden' next to the greenhouse. While it was really just an adjunct to the main display which was designed by David Robinson and a whole team of world renowned fern and hosta experts, it turned out, my design was right where 25,000 people would be standing while queuing to take their turn walking through the Pullman Carriage. So no pressure!

Does this mean I'm a Chelsea award winning garden designer now!?! Maybe not yet. But I've certainly picked up the bug.

We finally finished at 11pm on Sunday night - with judging due to start at 7am on Monday morning! I managed to whip round a get a few photos of the finished exhibit

Thank you so much to Bowden Hostas for a fabulous experience and congratulations on your medal!



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