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Exciting new project

We're designing a huge village playground in Eastbourne! Annie Guilfoyle (our course director at KLC) has invited a group of former students to get involved in an exciting new project to design a playground for Easebourne Parish Council.

We had our first site visit today and met two of our clients who explained the project. The playground has been in the works for over six years now, and it is the first community facility to be owned and run by the village, so it's an important project for everyone involved. It will be built on the huge field next to Easebourne Primary School - it is fantastic to have so much space to play with.

We're now at the fun stage - coming up with lots of great designs for a space that can be used by all ages from 0-100. Hopefully we can draw on everything we learned this year to create something magical for Easebourne and the surrounding area.



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